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The University of Winchester Apprenticeships provides the perfect foundation for you to start building a career while also working towards a degree qualification. Are you looking to avoid student debt? An Apprenticeship with the University of Winchester could be the perfect route for!

What do the University of Winchester Apprenticeships involve?

The University of Winchester Apprenticeships are a great way for you to get a debt free degree while also securing employment and gaining invaluable skills. As an apprentice you’ll combine on the job training and classroom based learning enabling you to put theory into practice while working alongside industry professionals and gaining workplace experience. Not only will you be working towards a degree without having to worry about student debt but you’ll be the one getting paid!

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There are a diverse range of Apprenticeship opportunities available at the University of Winchester which include the following:

BA (Hons) Business Management and Leadership – Are you an aspiring manager? Looking to gain the relevant skills, behaviours and knowledge to succeed in a management role? This Apprenticeship could be perfect for you! Find out more.

BA (Hons) Business Management and Information Technology – Are you a creative thinker? This Apprenticeship combines a range of subject fields relevant to business management and IT industries such as cyber security and risk management, data analytics and insight management. Find out more.

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Business Management) – Are you passionate about the digital and technology industry? Why not turn your passion into a profession while specialising in business management! This Apprenticeship is a great way for you to gain the expertise required in a competitive market such as digital and technology solutions. Find out more.

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Business Analysis) – Are you able to overcome challenges? Do you have what it takes to change a failing business into a success? As an apprentice in this area you’ll be doing just that through business analysis combined with digital technology systems. Find out more.

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analytics) – Are you good at analysing data and using it to your advantage? As an apprentice in data analytics you be able to provide vital insights to the business which can give you the extra edge over the business’ competitors. Find out more.

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Cyber Security Analyst) – Do you want to play a key role in keeping data secure? If so, this could be the career for you! You’ll be working towards fighting cyber threats while analysing the risk of a cyber crime and developing solutions. Find out more.

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security Technology Professional – With more and more people at risk of being the victim of a cyber crime there has never been a better time than now to begin a career as a cyber security technology professional. As an apprentice you’ll learn all about the different types of cyber crime while developing an understanding of how it can be prevented. Find out more.

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions – Looking to advance your career? As an apprentice in digital and technology solutions you’ll be focusing on systems design, data and network fundamentals while incorporating key aspects of cyber security and risk management. Find out more.

BSc (Hons) Information Systems Management – Are you keen to begin your career in a rapidly changing industry? As an apprentice in information systems management you’ll be analysing data and technical systems while providing technical computing solutions. Find out more.

During your Apprenticeship with the University of Winchester you’ll be earning and learning while develop an in depth knowledge relevant to the industry you’re passionate about forging a career within. You’ll also receive a wealth of support and encouragement from the university, your employer and colleagues who want to help you to achieve your true potential.

University of Winchester Apprenticeships

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