Watch Now | CareermapLive and Deirdre Hughes CPD Webinar for Teachers and Career Leaders | October 2019

CareermapLive were joined by Deirdre Hughes OBE, who is an expert in the career space. During the webinar, Deirdre reflects on energising people to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks and ensure career development among young people so they are able to understand the rapidly changing labour market. Deirdre also looks into the marketisation of career support and stimulating the market of careers to bring innovation and growth.

Deirdre also highlights how teachers and Career Leaders can feel under pressure when giving career advice to young people but goes on to explain how when harnessed correctly and controlled, pressure can actually work for us all. In the webinar, Deirdre delves deep into the challenges teachers face with financial restrictions and explores ways in which you can maximise career development networks and shows the different ways that you can achieve the key principles of the Gatsby Benchmarks. Keeping young people at the centre of what you’re trying to achieve and meeting career and Ofsted expectations is a must. Watch the full clip above or find out more

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