Introducing WorldSkills UK’s National Competition Programme | March 2022

Presenters: Nina Jassal (Senior National Competitions Manager), Colin Galley (Further Education Standards and Quality Manager)

WorldSkills UK’s skills competition development programme provides colleges, independent training providers and employers with a proven method of upskilling and developing young people from all backgrounds. Offering over 60 competitions, including 9 Foundation Skills competitions which are aimed at learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, additional learning needs, or who need additional support for learning.

Rewatch our event, which also features a Q&A session, to learn more about the stages involved, the benefits of getting involved and the resources that are available.

What’s covered in this webinar?


  • What WorldSkills UK do
  • What Skills competitions are
  • Why you should take part
  • The competition process
  • Making skills competitions work for you
  • Q&A

Read on for more information about WorldSkills UK competitions!

Find a competition

WorldSkills UK offer competitions covering more than 60 disciplines. These range from IT, construction, business and many more. You can download a complete guide of all the competitions on offer here.

Pre-Competition guide:

You can prepare to participate in WorldSkills UK Competitions in advance. You can find out more about the competitions and find a useful checklist of things to do before taking part. You can download their pre-competition guide here.

Seven steps

There are seven steps to complete when taking part in WorldSkills UK competitions.

  1. Find your shining stars
  2. Express your interest
  3. Be prepared to register
  4. Support your students
  5. Ready, steady, compete
  6. Finalists announced
  7. Celebrating success

Find a detailed list here, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

The WorldSkills UK checklist

Embed skills competitions into your teaching and learning strategy with a useful checklist. Challenge, motivate, inspire and raise the skills and knowledge of learners so that they get the most out of their learning experience. You can download here.

Find a playlist of useful videos about the competition process

WorldSkills Development Hub

The WorldSkills development hub has been developed as part of the continued drive to raise standards in apprenticeships and technical education. The Hub contains tools and resources that utilise their unique insight into global best practice in skills development. The Hub supports FE colleges and independent training providers to train more and more young people to world-class standards. 

Educators can find a guide on how to register with the Skills Development Hub here.

Find WorldSkills UK's Careers Page for Inclusion

WorldSkills logo

Terms and conditions/Competition rules


Before entering, pleasure ensure you read and review the terms and conditions, and competition rules. 

You can download them all here.

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