WorldSkills UK Skills Development Hub | June 2021

Presenters: Dee Aylett-Smith (Head of Competitions and Careers), Asha Taak (Educational Resources Manager).

Watch our CareermapLive event with WorldSkills UK to learn more about their Skills Development Hub which provides free learning resources.

The Skills Development Hub is designed for educators to use with learners and apprentices remotely and in the classroom. Adapted from their international medal-winning training and development programmes, these resources will help motivate and stretch young people, and as a result, will boost their potential and help them get the best start in work and life. 

In this Event:

Who are WorldSkills UK?

WorldSkills UK is an independent charity that works in partnership with employers, educators and governments. They aim to inspire, develop and innovate excellence.

WorldSkills UK also aims to raise the standards in apprenticeships and technical education using their three main pillars. This includes:

  • Innovation to help employers
  • Developing educators
  • Inspiring young people

What is the Skills Development Hub?

The WorldSkills UK Skills development Hub supports educators, learners and apprentices through free learning resources.

Throughout our event with WorldSkills UK we take an in depth look into how the resources available can be used remotely and in the classroom. The team from WorldSkills UK also showcase the range of resources on offer through the hub, including:

  1. Learners vocational area of interest
  2. Development of extracurricular transferrable skills:
  3. Psychology of competition: resilience, performance under pressure
    • Lean principles: efficiency, work organisation, waste management
    • Life and work skills: employability, self management, organisation, planning, etc

Access the Skills Development Hub here.

Benefits for Educators and Learners

Dee and Asha also explain the numerous benefits that the Skills Development Hub has to offer both educators and learners.

For learners:

  • Interactive modules of learning across a range of vocational areas. As a result these modules help to support skills development especially whilst learning remotely.
  • Build confidence, independence and resilience and develop transferable skills to support work and life
  • Advance knowledge, skills, behaviours in a way the teachers and trainers can measure development and progression
  • Stretch and challenge technical skills development and gain new skills, techniques and / or practices

For Educators:

  • Support continuous professional development with up to 5 hours of CPD
  • Develop coaching techniques to develop confidence, independence and resilience in learners
  • Celebrate and reward achievement through certification on completion of learning
  • Apply insights from global best practice to inform new techniques in teaching, training and learning
  • Integrate learning into remote or physical learning environments
  • Assign and allocate modules of learning to individuals or groups of learners and track and monitor progress and performance
  • Apply insight from global best practice to inform new techniques in teaching, training and learning
  • Raise aspirations and performance by embedding skills competitions practices to teaching & learning

Skills Development Hub Demonstration

Our event with WorldSkills UK also featured a demonstration of the Skills Development Hub. The team runs through the quick and easy registration process to access the free resources, as well as show some examples of the activities that are on the Hub.

Q&A Session

In addition to the Skills Development Hub presentation, we also held a Q&A session for attendees to put their questions to our presenters. 

During the WorldSkills UK event, teachers and career leaders got the chance to ask their questions to Dee and Asha, as we covered a range of topics and FAQs regarding the Skills Development Hub.

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