Welcome to Careermag for Parents Issue 3

It is a strange time. 

We are all isolating at home as a result of the coronavirus. Schools are closed except for a limited number of children – children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents are critical to the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home. This means that parents have a critical role to play in educating their youngsters at home.

Besides the academic requirements, now is a good time to spend time supporting our young people by discussing and researching opportunities for their future. It will be a different world when we come out of this (and we will come out) and it is bound to impact both education and the world of work.

It can be a difficult time advising when you don’t know what you don’t know! We hope this issue of Careermag for Parents will go some way to help give you: ammunition when making difficult decisions; clarification on the myriad of pathways; and inspiration about a range of careers and sectors. We certainly learned loads pulling it together!

Look out for our Sector Spotlights that dive deep into industry sectors to give you a good overview about them, the types of jobs available and how to get them – whether that be a vocational, academic, a ‘year out’ or straight into work. If university is not the path for your teen, we explain the apprenticeship process as an alternative.

One theme in this issue is diversity and inclusion (D & I). These are words we often hear, but may not know what it means for our young people. Read about Takeme2uni that gets parents organised to help each other carpool to university Open Days and hear from an expert who specialises in explaining what D & I means and how it affects everyone.

Our friend and expert, Brian Lightman, talks about work experience. What it means and how you can help as a parent. Brian is an ex-headteacher and consultant to schools, as well as head of PiXL Futures. He has a real passion about preparing young people for the world of work and his insight is invaluable. 

Careermap is a Community Partner of PiXL Club, which is a partnership of over 1,400 secondary schools, 450 sixth forms, 900 primary schools and 50 providers of alternative education. Rachel Johnson, Director of PiXL Club has this to say:

There is no greater joy in education than watching young people thrive. Organisations like PiXL have the privilege of working with thousands of educational professionals who are committed to creating a ‘better future and brighter hope’ for your young people, to provide them with the opportunities and guidance that will enable them to feel equipped and move onto the next stages of their lives. 

In PiXL schools, there are around 2 million young people, our hope for them is based on three Cs that we believe they need to be successful in life. CURRENCY – to get the best results they can manage so that they can progress to the next steps. CHARACTER – to help them be the best people they can be though helping them develop their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. CULTURE – to help them understand how they can play a significant role in the community through showing kindness, respect and ensuring they don’t cause deliberate harm to others. 

We are invested in helping schools and their students be the very best they can be. As parents, you too have a huge role in this process, as we guide, shape, advise and support your child together, we believe that great things can and will happen.

We all want to face the future positively and look after our young people. So on that note, let’s work together to create a fantastic future for all!

We’re all in this together. Make sure to follow www.careermap.co.uk for lots of supporting information and subscribe to Careermag online to get newsletters and regular editions in your Inbox.

Keep safe and well!

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