What Does Your Future Look Like?

Isa Mutlib, Executive Director at BAME Apprenticeship Alliance talks about the opportunities apprenticeships provide and how to challenge parents perceptions. 

Isa regularly goes into schools and speak to students about the amazing opportunities available to them. Despite being from a diverse background, I emphasise the importance of having a wide skillset and gaining work experience in respect to young peoples futures. 

What does the future world of work look like to you?

I often ask students: what does the future world of work look like to you? Take a minute or two to think about this. What springs to mind? Do you realise the importance technology has in most workplaces, and how it’s shaping your future? 

We live and work in a connected world… one where technology is constantly evolving and creating new and different careers for the future.

Young people often ask…

Is an apprenticeship better than university?

An apprenticeship is neither better or worse than university, but it is a viable alternative to traditional learning routes. Apprenticeships expose you to earlier career opportunities and give young people the opportunity to learn industry-specific skills attached to qualifications. 

Apprenticeships are a debt-free option which enables you to climb up the career ladder, they not only open opportunities for the present but also prepare you for your future. Apprenticeships give you the edge as you’ll develop vital skills and experience enabling you to advance your career. 

There are so many support mechanism to apprenticeships and your capabilities will shine through while you’ll also gain a nationally recognised qualification. You can actually qualify to degree level!

How can we challenge our parents perceptions?

To challenge your parents perceptions you first need to fully understand why you may choose to go down the apprenticeship pathway. Just like university isn’t for everyone, an apprenticeship might not be right for you.

Maybe you can’t do an apprenticeship in the career you want to succeed in. Perhaps you don’t feel ready to enter the world of work… If you’re unsure about an apprenticeship it’s important to research your options to find the right route for you! 

Young people often feel pressure from their parents to go down the university route which is considered the norm in society. Challenging your parents perceptions can be difficult. But do your homework and you help them see, the benefits of doing an apprenticeship makes it a credible alternative to university. Not only do apprenticeships offer career and financial stability, but they are also a life-changing step to your future. 

How can I find out more about apprenticeships?

Do your homework and you’ll find out so much information about apprenticeships. A fantastic starting point is Careermap, where you can find 1000’s of live opportunities.

You can read up on all sorts of careers that may be new to you in Careermag, plus watch videos on Careermap TV. There’s lots of information giving career advice and guidance.

What is diversity?

At the moment diversity might be meaningless to you. As you begin your career journey you’ll understand why diversity is important – especially in the workplace. Diversity can relate to gender, characteristics, personality, religion, background, ethnicity and more! 

Over time you’ll see that diversity in the workplace helps people appreciate differences in individuals. It promotes inclusion making everyone feel a part of things, whatever background they’re from. This creates respect and teamwork. Employing people who are different, influences alternative perspectives and increases engagement.

You find amazing apprenticeship opportunities can find across the country from Manchester to London, Yorkshire to Birmingham! Local communities actively seek to recruit Black/Asian apprentices to make up a more diverse workforce that represents their local communities. 

Asian Apprenticeship Award Winner | Naila Bibi, HR Apprentice at Aspire Housing

“I was absolutely over the moon when I won two Awards on the night! It’s opened up many great opportunities and has really lifted my confidence. I have met so many inspiring people since winning the award who have really pushed me to do my best.

I’ve been out to local schools talking to Year 10 and 11 pupils about interview skills and about apprenticeships. PM Training also asked me to be their ambassador for Staffordshire leading me to speak at many events in front of employers, Something I never thought I would be able to do!

I also had an amazing opportunity to work with the BBC in London. The Asian Apprenticeship Awards do an amazing job at recognising the young British Asians who are doing apprenticeships.”

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