What is Logistics?

What is logistics?

Logistics is a complicated operation. It helps keeps the world moving. Logistics gets an item or person from one place to the required destination for the customer or business. In simple terms, logistics transports things from A to B. 

Yet for the majority of young people, teachers and parents it’s the great unknown, a sector
they are unfamiliar with, yet it impacts on their daily lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and
365 days a year! The usual assumption is it’s either a career driving an HGV truck or picking orders in a dingy warehouse.

But it’s so much more and that’s why we have to bust those myths…………

Logistics is an old fashioned industry that’s on its way out:
Not it isn’t! Logistics is a cutting edge industry that is at the forefront of digitalisation. It’s investing heavily in robotics, drones and driverless vehicles but it will still need lots of people to keep Britain moving.

Logistics is a low paid industry:
No its not! There are many well paid jobs and you can be given significant responsibility
early in your career.

Anyone can work in logistics as you don’t need to be skilled:
You do! It’s a highly skilled sector with jobs for engineers, technologists, data analysts.

I want a career in business and I can’t get that in logistics:
Yes you can! Logistics companies offer jobs in accounting, finance, customer service, social media, human resources and procurement.

I don’t want to be stuck in the same career in logistics for all of my working life:
You won’t be! Logistics is a dynamic, growing and global industry that offers lots of
careers that you will be able to move into and out of.

I want to go to university and study a degree and there aren’t any in logistics:
Yes there are: NOVUS offer degrees at a number of universities supported by well-known brands! You get a guaranteed, paid placement year, and, at some Universities,
guaranteed graduate employment.

I want to do an apprenticeship but there are none in logistics:
There are! You can do a range of apprenticeships and there are a growing number of
degree apprenticeships where your employer pays for your course fees – you earn while
you learn!

Logistics is a male dominated industry and they don’t welcome women:
It is but it wants to be more diverse! Companies are targeting women recruits to ensure they are more representative of society and their customers.

There are no famous logisticians:
Yes there are: Think Richard Branson and Virgin Trains and Virgin Airlines. Jeff Bezos and Amazon. For more information on careers in logistics visit Think Logistics and The Big Choice.

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