What would you tell your 13 year old self?

Some of you might recently have heard a lot about inclusion, diversity, equality and belonging at work and in the media. Some of you may never have heard these words used in this way before. Today, many companies and societies are focusing their energy on trying to bring all who live and work in their communities together, to enhance business performance and innovation, and to make sure that society is moving forward together. 

But what does that really mean?  Well, in its simplest form, the term ‘diversity’ means to form a collection of different things.  Inclusion means the state of being included and Equality means everyone having the same outcomes and belonging/an affinity for a place or situation. 

Focusing on this subject doesn’t mean that you give an advantage to someone or disadvantage someone based on arbitrary decisions. 

Daily, we are bombarded with words and advice, either by television, social media or family and friends. How does that impact your view of the world and yourself? 

As young children, we all remember moments where we weren’t included –  in sports activities or someone’s birthday party. As humans, we have a built-in need to be a part of things. So, the promise of working and learning in spaces where individuals are recognised and celebrated are just as important as working in teams.

At “Rocking Ur Teens”, we see inclusion as a way of being in harmony with yourself,  understanding how what motivates and inspires you, helps you shape the world you live in and the choices you make—embracing that we are all leaders and have the power and possibility to structure our society for good. 

As a parent, I know that you want your children to be happy, smart, articulate and integrated into the society in which they live and work. How do we do that? 

Rocking Ur Teens Event

At “Rocking Ur Teens” we noticed that as adults, we understand that when we have the best careers and life when we realise we can be ourselves, and we let go of the need and focus on trying and competing with others around us. So we feel that young people should understand that they have the right to make choices and inform their futures based on what makes them happy, and also utilising the experience of parents, friends and professionals to complete their internal narrative. 

It is important to find your voice early in life to make sure that you manage your mental health, your belief systems and being able to be resilient in the face of adversity. I believe that championing and supporting Inclusion and Diversity will lead us all to a society where visible difference and individuality is recognised and accepted. Where ‘book smarts’ and emotional intelligence are equally weighted. However to start this journey, we need to encourage the next generation to understand their part in the workplace and make sure that they are comfortable meeting new people and learning about the world where they will live and work. 

In his book “Rebel Ideas” Matthew Syed discusses the outcome of groupthink and the limitations we all face when we are surrounded by people who look, think and approach life just like us. 

At “Rocking Ur Teens” we think that would be boring and everyone should work to interact with as many different people as possible. 

So, as an adult we ask you the question: what would you tell your 13-year-old self?  Be bold, speak up, try new things that is the mission of “Rocking Ur Teens” 

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