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Keep the Wheels on the Bus going Round with a Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship

Here’s a fact for you; there are 32 million vehicles on the road in the UK today. You may be thinking of the family car. Sure, this accounts for many of those vehicles but there are also buses, lorries, mopeds, motorbikes, vans and so on.

A huge army of mechanics, service technicians and diagnostic technicians keep this fleet on the road. Many of them will have undertaken apprenticeships to learn their skills and build up the knowledge to fix, repair and maintain all these vehicles.

There was a time when cars and other vehicles were relatively easy to repair. As computers have taken over, cars, lorries etc. have become much more advanced and you need to have specialist technical skills to work on them these days. This is why a motor vehicle apprenticeship is a wise choice. It’s a practical occupation and you will always be in demand.

It’s easy to think the only part of a vehicle that needs to be maintained is the engine, but you’d be wrong. The bodywork, wheels and all the other systems you find in a modern vehicle all need to be kept in order.

If you take a city like Manchester, the Careermap website lists a wide variety of motor vehicle apprenticeship roles. There are roles for a trainee mechanic, body repair specialist and paint technician.

There are three main types of apprenticeship. The Intermediate level apprenticeship will enable you to work as a technician in a number of areas including light vehicles, auto electrics and motorcycles. The Advanced level will enable you to work as a diagnostic technician, pinpointing problems that need to be fixed in a wide array of vehicles. Finally the Advanced level would be suitable for someone wanting to be a highly specialised technician or workshop controller.

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As you can see, a career with motor vehicles can be varied and you will always be in demand. The first step on the career path is an apprenticeship so give it some thought if the idea appeals.

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