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Switch On Your Career: Why Digital?

You might be wondering why you should be thinking about the digital world when thinking of future careers. 

However, it is one the most rapidly growing sectors in the UK. Have a look at our infographic below to find out just some of the reasons you should be thinking digital.

Did you know:

-The digital sector is worth more than £400 million a day to UK economy?

-The average salary in the digital industry was £47,701 in 2021!

-There has been a 27.5% increase in job numbers since 2012.

– There were 1,062,301 total number of job postings in 2021 for digital careers

Top 5 occupations in industry with job numbers in 2021

  • Programmers and Software Development Professionals: 167,745
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals n.e.c.: 106,440
  • IT Specialist Managers: 75,763
  • Sales Accounts and Business Development Managers: 50,092
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications Directors: 47,755

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