Working in Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector provides the goods we all use at home on a daily basis, as well as products that are used for businesses to function successfully. This sector not only provides a number of careers, but also can be found in a variety of industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, automobile, aerospace, chemical and textiles.

What types of jobs are there in manufacturing?

  • Operations Manager

An operations manager directs and oversees a manufacturing plant. These professionals are involved with almost every aspect of the operation to ensure probability and good quality of the products or goods being manufactured by the organisation. This includes developing policies and procedures, establishing financial budgets and ensuring safety in the manufacturing environment. It is also an ideal position to aspire to when starting a manufacturing apprenticeship in industry

  • Engineers

Almost all manufacturing organisations have engineers who design the products to manufacture, and help to improve the manufacturing process to increase efficiency and improve costs.

Manufacturing Apprenticeships
  • Buying and Purchasing Managers

Manufacturing requires purchasing material to make goods a company produces. Buyers and purchasing managers find and purchase quality material use do manufacture goods. These professionals work with vendors and travel organisations to test of the quality of the materials and negotiate pricing.

  • Assemblers and Fabricators

Some manufacturing processes are not computer or mechanically automated and require human skill and interaction to produce goods. Following specific instructions and blueprints, assemblers and fabricators use tools, machines and their hands to assemble pieces and goods on the manufacturing line to complete a finished product.

These job roles are just a few of what you can find in a manufacturing environment, there are still many others you may enjoy. To take your first step into the word of manufacturing why not investigate with our career map.

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