You are more than your exam results

You are more than your exam results

It used to be that you were recruited for what you knew, and your level of success depended on who you were.

Nowadays future employers are looking for more than exam grades, they are looking for evidence of your soft skills too. These include your leadership potential, how well you work in a team, how effective your communication skills are…

But how do you promote yourself without mentioning your grades? How do you articulate your strengths, your soft skills? How do you describe your uniqueness to future employers?

One option is to use a language and methodology that is already used in organisations worldwide.

We are offering you the opportunity to use this language to help you promote yourself at interview, and even when you have made the step and want to progress.

All you need to do is complete a Belbin GetSet questionnaire, and ask 4 friends or teachers to give their feedback too. Don’t ask your parents or siblings – they are probably bias (one way or the other!).

This is free of charge and you will receive an on-line workbook (worth £20) which will help you understand, and articulate, the way you interact with others, approach your work and communicate. It will help you with those hard to pin down soft skills.

What you need to do:

Click here and enter your email address. We will send you a link. Open the link, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, and off you go. We are there to help you, and so we will keep in touch to help you get the most out of the workbook.

Tell us how you got on.

Post your success on Instagram with a #BelbinGetSet and be entered into a prize draw!

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