Organisation Name

Bellis Training

Type: Training provider
Founded: 1984
Industry: Hospitality & Catering, Retail, Customer Service, Business Administration and Warehousing

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Bellis Training was founded in 1984 and have since provided high-quality training in vocational sectors and continue to do so. Since its formation, the company has been particularly successful in running a variety of training programmes to develop the potential of young people.

Bellis Training work with world class companies to help you to gain skills, qualifications and experience in an industry your keen to start a career in.

Bellis Training Apprenticeships help young people to establish a confident, positive attitude to themselves and their work. You'll mix on the job training with academic study enabling you to advance your career capabilities and build your knowledge.

Bellis Training offer a wide range of Apprenticeship opportunities which include:

• Hospitality & Catering,
• Retail,
• Customer Service,
• Business Administration,
• Warehousing

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