Organisation Name

Cadent Gas

Type: Limited company
Founded: 2016
Industry: Utilities

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Do you have talent, drive and enthusiasm? Cadent Gas are giving young individuals the opportunity to unlock their full potential through an Apprenticeship programme.

About Cadent Gas
Cadent Gas ensure everyone in the UK has gas as and when they require it. Cadent Gas transport gas through their pipelines to reach our homes, hospitals and offices. They play a crucial part in the process, do you want to help make a difference?

Cadent Gas Apprenticeships
Are you looking for an Apprenticeship where you can make a difference? No experience is needed for you to forge a career in the gas industry with Cadent Gas, all you need is determination and the ability to tackle challenges head on.

Cadent Gas Apprenticeships guarantee a wide range of responsibilities and opportunities where you’ll learn invaluable skills, gain experience and work towards a professional qualification. You can also expect to enjoy plenty of additional benefits such as a salary of £16,305 which will increase each year, travel and accommodation paid for, 33 days holiday, a pension scheme plus £200 towards driving lessons – you really are set for a rewarding career with Cadent Gas Apprenticeships!

Apprenticeship Programmes Available
There is a wide range of Apprenticeships available at Cadent Gas including the following:

Repair Support – You’ll respond to gas escapes, communicate with members of the public and develop skills required to succeed in the industry.

Emergency Response – As an emergency response apprentice you’ll be the first responder if gas leaks from pipes working quickly to resolve issues in a safe and efficient manner.

Operations and Maintenance – Through an Apprenticeship, you’ll learn skills needed to operate and maintain pipe networks from cable testing and control system maintenance and many more. This promises to be an exciting career opportunity for you.

To apply for any of the above roles visit the Cadent Gas website where you can begin your journey into a rewarding career...

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