Organisation Name

Fidelity Apprenticeships

Type: Private Limited Company
Founded: 1946
Employees: 45,000+
Industry: Financial services

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"The Fidelity Apprenticeship is very well structured in my opinion. We received an introduction upon joining to give us the chance to meet some of the people that head up different areas that we might be involved in and explain how the scheme was going to work in detail. We had regular training that had all been planned out prior to our arrival, this covered our key training for the first year of the scheme. We have also been assigned mentors that we meet with, these mentors are in different areas of the business so that we can get some insight into the daily business running that we do not directly interact with."


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Fidelity Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for school leavers who are looking to avoid traditional learning routes such as university and college. Not only will you continue your learning but you'll also be gaining qualifications along the way as well as committing to a real job with real responsibilities and a real wage.

Who are Fidelity?
Fidelity provides outstanding investment and retirement expertise to their clients. Their main focus is to help clients to build a better future for themselves and future generations.

What do Fidelity Apprenticeships involve?
Fidelity Apprenticeships involve a mixture of academic study with practical on the job training which allows you to put your theory knowledge into practice. Do you want to become armed with highly sought skills, vital work experience and a professional qualification? If so, an Apprenticeship with Fidelity could be the perfect route for you.

Let’s look at the options available to you at Fidelity:

Commercial Fidelity Apprenticeships
Operational Management – Through this Apprenticeship you’ll understand why operations are vital to the smooth running of the Fidelity organisation while building your knowledge and understanding of the wider business itself. Operational management Apprenticeships can branch out to careers in investment operations, retail pensions operations or banking, reconciliation & controls.

Compliance – Do you want to provide a service to people on a global scale? Fidelity Apprenticeships in compliance involve building relationships with clients and businesses while providing advice to them. You can also choose to monitor compliance to ensure businesses are complying with financial regulations.

Client Services Fidelity Apprenticeships
Retirement Services – Working within retirement services means you’ll need to be personable, you could be dealing with clients of all different ages and backgrounds and explaining to them what retirement solutions are available to them and ensuring what you’ve said is understood.

Client Services – Client services are crucial to building strong, lasting relationships with clients. Depending on the department that you join you could be handling incoming calls, making outbound customer calls, dealing with complex queries from customers via letter, phone and email or supporting new projects and initiatives.

Technology Fidelity Apprenticeships
A technology Apprenticeship could involve dealing with delivery support, platform and storage, technology infrastructure services and service management. This Apprenticeship will enable you to develop your understanding of technology services and put your knowledge into practice through hands on work.

Skills needed
Are you keen to learn? Do you have the ability to build networks and positive client relationships? If so, a Fidelity Apprenticeship could be perfect for you.

If you’re driven, customer focused and have big ambitions then find out how to apply on their website.

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