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Type: Training provider
Founded: 2000
Industry: Apprenticeships

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"When I was finishing sixth form and considering my post 18 options, I was applying for everything, but I always wanted to pursue business. I had been studying this throughout my GCSEs and A Levels and always enjoyed it and found it benefitted my understanding of the business world. University was never really appealing for me and I always knew that progression routes with apprenticeships were endless. Being the only apprentice my company took on the year I applied, I feel I have grown up more as a person, as I am working in a mainly adult environment. I came straight out of a school based atmosphere into a work based environment, which demanded I be mature and responsible in my approach to work, as I work with a lot of confidential documents as well as help support senior management in my company. Business admin with Gen2 allows you to pick units based around your skills: marketing, finance, customer service etc. I found picking business based units best for my skill set and are helping me be successful in the workplace."

Rachel, 19 - Business Administration

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Gen2 are an Ofsted 'Outstanding' Grade 1 training organisation, based in the North West of England. Gen2 currently train over 1,350 apprentices and our programmes continue to be sought after as employers and young people realise the benefits of an Apprenticeship. 94% of Gen2 apprentices move immediately into full-time employment.

At Gen2 they offer training in a range of industries from engineering Apprenticeships to business administration Apprenticeships. By choosing an Apprenticeship with Gen2 you will be able to train on the job, being taught by industry leading specialists, while becoming qualified and of course, earning a wage.

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