Organisation Name

JLL Apprenticeships

Type: Public Limited Company
Founded: 1999
Employees: 77,000 approx
Industry: Real Estate

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'I believe that JLL Apprenticeships are very well structured. We also get a lot of support from our trainer,our line managers and colleagues if need be. Our exams and training sessions are set out in advance which is always handy.'


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About JLL
JLL offers real value in a changing world. They are a global company that specialises in real estate services and investment management dealing with selling, buying, leasing, valuing and managing all types of real estate/property.

What do JLL Apprenticeships involve?
The JLL Apprenticeship is a great opportunity for someone who would like to kick start their career in the property industry, allowing you to gain a qualification and experience whilst earning a wage. Are you ambitions a big goal or small steps? JLL will do whatever they can to help YOU achieve YOUR goals!

JLL Apprenticeships involve an earn as you learn combination that focuses on practical training and academic study allowing you to get a head start on your career while developing invaluable skills, vital work experience and a professional qualification that is relevant to the property industry. There are number of different schemes you can apply to at JLL – including Surveying, Business Admin, Finance and IT Apprenticeships to name a few.

Applying for JLL Apprenticeships
To apply for a JLL Apprenticeship you can visit their website.

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