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Founded: 2001
Industry: Defence

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'MBDA Apprenticeships are very well structured and organised, making sure each apprentice has a copy of their placement timetable detailing where they are required to be. Meetings and one to ones are organised regularly and aren't ever missed.'


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MBDA Apprenticeships provide an exciting and credible alternative to university. Are you eager to start working but also want to continue learning and gaining a qualification? If so, a MBDA Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for.

About MBDA
MBDA are a global player and have a huge presence around the world due to their delivery of technical and operational excellence. They were formed in 2001 when France, Italy and the UK’s leading missile systems combined to become MBDA.

What do MBDA Apprenticeships involve?
MBDA Apprenticeships provide you with the opportunity to develop your capabilities and build your knowledge of the industry you’re keen to pursue a career within. An Apprenticeship with the MBDA will equip you with highly sought skills, a nationally recognised qualification and essential work experience through academic study and on the job training meaning you can put your training into action straight away.

During your MBDA Apprenticeship you’ll be exposed to a wealth of training and development opportunities such as an induction interaction event, support from an assigned buddy, access to mentors, additional learning fund (Pass Scheme), the chance to attend career development workshops and opportunities to take part in STEM activities.

MBDA offer a range of Apprenticeships that can help you to get your foot on the career ladder. Apprenticeships at MBDA include –

Generalist Engineering – This Apprenticeship will allow you to develop your knowledge based around manufacturing, trials, environmental, quality, engineering, calibration and maintenance.

Mechanical Engineering – As a mechanical engineer you will build a range of skills in the following areas mechanical analysis, materials, electronic packaging, drawing and mechanical design.

Electrical Engineering – This Apprenticeship will allow you to grow your talent in PCB design, test equipment, materials, manufacturing and electronic packaging.

Operations Engineering – As an operations engineer apprentice you will develop and build you knowledge and understanding of circuits, PCB production, fitting and paint shop.

MBDA also offer a degree Apprenticeships which gives you the opportunity to gain a debt free degree and they’ll cover all your tuition fees. During your degree Apprenticeship you’ll train on the job and at university where you’ll work towards gaining a degree qualification, developing your skills and gaining experience in an industry relevant to you.

MBDA offer degree Apprenticeships in the following areas –

Business – As a business degree apprentice you could be working to develop your commercial, communications, human resources, procurement, project management, supply chain, UK and export contracts, sales and business development skills whilst gaining the experience needed to forge a career in the industry.

Mechanical – If you’re keen to gain a mechanical degree but want to avoid university debts the mechanical degree Apprenticeship at MBDA could be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll develop your skills in materials and processes, drawing office, future concepts, mechanical analysis and actuation systems.

Software – Advance your career with a software degree Apprenticeship with MBDA and you’ll boost your skills and career prospects by gaining skills in embedded software actuators, systems software capability software, test software, embedded software seekers, mission planning and control software.

Information systems – Are you passionate about pursuing a career in IT? An information systems degree Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for to equip you with all the knowledge, skills and experience needed to succeed in the industry plus you’ll also gain a degree for free!

Cyber Analyst – Cyber Analysts play a crucial role at MBDA, as a degree apprentice you could be working within security operations, networks, information systems, customer support and infrastructure to analyse potential cyber threats.

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Applying for MBDA Apprenticeships
To apply for an MBDA Apprenticeship you can visit their website.

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