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Founded: 1990
Employees: 5,000 approx
Industry: Construction and Business Services

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'Mace Apprenticeships have developed my skills and I have gained a lot, in terms of communication, managerial, and time management. I have been enrolled in many training courses like my SMSTS.'


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Make your mark on the world with a Mace Apprenticeship.
You might be helping to design or build a family’s home, a hospital providing life-saving care or the latest iconic landmark like the London Eye.

The construction industry is one of the most important industries within the UK. It has a huge impacts on the lives of communities, societies and individuals. As a trainee or Apprentice for Mace you’ll be given opportunity to influence the environment around you by working on some amazing, new and exciting projects.

Interesting facts about the industry:
- Did you know that the UK construction industry hire 2.5 million people –
that’s one in ten jobs
- There is a huge range of career opportunities you could choose from,
including being an engineer, project manager, site manager, construction
manager, programme manager, cost consultant, architect or health and
safety adviser – it’s not just about being a builder
- More than 24% of our workforce are female. So construction isn’t just a
‘boy’s world’.

About Mace Apprenticeships
Mace have three Apprenticeship programmes available in the following areas:

- Apprentice Civil Engineer
- Apprentice Quantity Surveyor
- Apprentice Project Manager

Apprenticeships at Mace are about starting on a path to becoming a construction professional. Mace Apprenticeships will gain you additional exposure to financial and practical support with part time study for a university/college qualification, work experience alongside experienced professionals on live projects, support with developing key personal skills and behaviours, during the Apprenticeship you will be supported in starting a route to achieving professional membership with an industry body.

At Mace you will leave a lasting legacy regardless of which career route you choose by helping to deliver challenging projects that will drive the sustainable growth of cities across the world.

To apply for a Mace Apprenticeship check out their website.

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