Organisation Name

Morgan Sindall

Type: Public Limited Company
Founded: 1977
Employees: 6,400 approx
Industry: Construction, Civil engineering

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'Although staying on at 6th Form and then going to university obviously trains you very well in your chosen role, actually experiencing the "real world" and getting on the job training is fantastic.'


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Morgan Sindall Trainee and Apprenticeships are designed to give your career the best possible start. If you’re eager to climb onto the career ladder of opportunity, they provide a mix of ‘real world’ experience and off-the-job development, enabling you to earn at the same time as learning a trade or profession.

About Morgan Sindall
Morgan Sindall is the UK's leading construction and regeneration group. They apply their expertise to a wide range of private and public sector projects to ensure deadline and client expectations are met every time.

What do Morgan Sindall Apprenticeships involve?
Whether you are looking to pursue a career in a traditional skill like carpentry or bricklaying, or pursue a career in civil engineering, quantity surveying and construction management, Apprenticeships are credible alternatives to degrees if you want to build a career in the construction industry. You’ll spend most of your time on-site, with the technical aspects of the course delivered on a day-release basis.

If you’re interested in a career in business administration or ICT for example, why not make a start in construction? Programmes are flexible you’ll enjoy a combination of practical, on-the-job learning and first-class teaching. You’ll spend one day in five in the classroom, where you’ll receive the instruction you need to build and develop your skills. This is a great opportunity to earn while you learn and, best of all, you’ll have the chance to make new friends and start building your professional reputation among colleagues, customers and subcontractors.

Applying for Morgan Sindall Apprenticeships
Start building your future and apply for a Morgan Sindall Apprenticeship via their website.

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