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PizzaExpress. We're an iconic and well loved brand across the UK and also in Ireland under our Milano branding. We have over 470 restaurants at home and also more than 100 restaurants internationally in places such as China, India, UAE and Hong Kong to name but a few and we've been around for over 50 years!

PizzaExpress was launched in 1965 by Peter Boizot. In Wardour Street. And in chaos. His Italian oven was too big for the door. So he knocked down the wall. Oven in. Oven on. And so it began.

Two years on, Peter had met Enzo Apicella. An amazing artist. A visionary designer. Two people with shared passions. For beautiful music, stunning design, unique experiences and exceptional food. Decades later, those passions still inspire us. Particularly when we shake things up. Because knowing where you come from is the best possible guide to where you should go next.

Peter and Enzo loved shaking it up. Trying new things. We're just the same. Because, like them, we know who we are. What we are. And we're nuts about pizza. Beautiful pizza. Always served in style.

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