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Type: Public
Founded: 1887
Employees: 42,900 approx
Industry: Construction

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Are you a school leaver looking for exciting opportunities? Find out about Skanska Apprenticeships and the opportunities they can offer you!

What do Skanska Apprenticeships involve?
Skanska Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start your career while you're earning and learning. As an apprentice at Skanska you’ll receive on the job training as well as formal study where you’ll be working towards a professional qualification specific to the industry you're passionate about forging a career in.

During your Apprenticeship, you’ll receive plenty of support from your colleagues and from your mentor who will develop a tailored plan to meet your requirements and to help improve your weaknesses and encourage your strengths.

Skanska offer a wide range of Apprenticeship opportunities at Level 2 and
Level 3 which include the following:

Looking to build on your technical skills while gaining vital work experience? An operations Apprenticeship could be the perfect route for you. Operations Apprenticeships available at Skanska include the following:

Street lighting
Vehicle technician
Mechanical fitter

Business support -
Skanska Apprenticeships aren’t just about trade industries, business support staff are vital to any company so everything runs smoothly. If you want to develop you skills and experience while working towards a nationally recognised qualification then Skanska offer the following Apprenticeships:

Engineering -
Are you passionate about engineering? Prefer hands on learning? An Apprenticeship in Skanska could be the perfect route for you. Skanska offer the following engineering Apprenticeships:

Civil engineer
Mechanical and electrical engineer

About Skanska
Skanska was founded in 1887 and are a leading construction and project development company. They help build a better world for societies.

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