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Sunderland College

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Sunderland College Apprenticeships offer a diverse range of opportunities which enable you to kick-start your career while earning and learning. Are you eager to get out into the working world and start making your own money? Still want to gain qualifications and experience? Sunderland College Apprenticeships provides you with the best of both worlds.

What do Sunderland College Apprenticeships involve?
Sunderland College Apprenticeships involve a combination of on the job training and off the job training which will equip you with a wide variety of highly sought skills, essential work experience and a nationally recognised qualification in an industry you’re passionate about. Not only will you be gaining industry specific skills but you’ll also gain transferable skills such as communication and working well in a team.

Sunderland College offer a diverse range of Apprenticeship opportunities which includes the following:

Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering
Fabrication & Welding
Improving Operational Performance
Site Supervisor

Construction Management
Plumbing and Heating
Maintenance Operations

Creative and Cultural
Community Arts
Costume & Wardrobe
Fashion & Textiles
Line Events & Promotion
Technical Theatre
Photo Imaging

Cross Sector
Business and Administration
Customer Service and Management

Photo Imaging
Digital Media

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

Health and Care
Health and Health Management
Pharmacy Services
Social Care

Professional Business Services
Contact Centre Operations and Management
Sales and Telesales

Sport & Public Services

Tourism & Retail

Transport & Logistics
Facilities Management

Throughout your Apprenticeship with Sunderland College you’ll gain exposure to a wealth of learning and development opportunities while receiving a wide range of support from your colleagues, employer and learning mentor who will help you to succeed in your chosen career area.

An Apprenticeship with Sunderland College not only helps you to gain experience but in the long term it will boost your future career prospects and CV while opening a range of progression opportunities so on completion of your Apprenticeship you can go onto a higher level Apprenticeship, continue in your current job role or move onto a different company.

Ready to kick-start your career while earning and learning?

Applying for Sunderland College Apprenticeships
To apply for a Sunderland College Apprenticeship you can visit their website.
Type: Further and Higher Education
Founded: 1996
Industry: Apprenticeships, Courses
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