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SwiftACI Apprenticeships


'A SwiftACI Apprenticeship has been a big challenge settling the children when their parents leave them and managing their behaviour but the course has strengthened my abilities and begun to prepare me for a career in Childcare’


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If you're passionate about a career in childcare then a SwiftACI Apprenticeship can offer you all the support you need to become a childcare specialist. Are you due to finish school or college? Full time study not for you? Don't worry there are options available to you!

A SwiftACI Apprenticeship combines part time classroom study with full time employment enabling you to gain a range of skills, real life work experience whilst getting paid and gaining a professional qualification related to the childcare industry. Begin your journey today, apply for a SwiftACI Apprenticeship!
Fidelity Apprenticeships

Fidelity Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for school leavers who are looking to avoid traditional learning routes such as university and college. Not only will you continue your learning but you’ll also be gaining qualifications along the way as well as committing to a real job with real responsibilities and a real wage. Watch this…

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