Organisation Name

Travis Perkins

Type: Public Limited Company
Founded: 1988
Employees: 28,000 approx
Industry: British builders' merchant and home improvement retailer

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Travis Perkins Apprenticeships offer school leavers an excellent opportunity to unlock your full potential. Want to continue learning but also want a job? With Travis Perkins Apprenticeships you can!

Who are Travis Perkins?
Travis Perkins is a popular brand within the building industry. They sell and distribute a range of building materials for trades, home improvements and to the DIY market. Travis Perkins believe investing in early careers is crucial to the success of the business and want to help you grow your talent!

What do Travis Perkins Apprenticeships involve?
Travis Perkins Apprenticeships combine academic study with on the job training enabling you to develop highly sought skills, industry related qualifications and crucial experience. Whether you’re a school leaver looking to enter the world of work for the first time or you’re looking for a change in your career, Travis Perkins have opportunities available for you!

Travis Perkins offer Apprenticeships at level 2 which is equivalent to GCSEs and level 3 which is equivalent to A Levels. Travis Perkins are also preparing to launch a level 5 Apprenticeship for those aspiring to work in managerial roles.

An Apprenticeship with Travis Perkins can lead to a challenging but highly rewarding career giving you the opportunity to understand the business while gaining practical experience in managing a team and working within a Travis Perkins branch serving customers. Travis Perkins also offer roles in HR, IT, Finance and Supply Chain.

Travis Perkins value their employees and that’s why they want to invest in your future. You’ll be supported throughout your Apprenticeship by your learning assessor and the Travis Perkins staff that you’ll be working alongside.

What do Travis Perkins look for?
An Apprenticeship with Travis Perkins isn’t about what grades you have, there’s an Apprenticeship for everyone regardless of exam results. What they do look for is people with the right attitude. Are you motivated, passionate and driven? Do you want to work in a fast-paced environment? Travis Perkins Apprenticeships offer you just that. From day one you’ll be given real responsibilities, ownership and the opportunity to do things your way.

Applying for Travis Perkins Apprenticeships
Visit the Travis Perkins website to apply for an Apprenticeship.

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