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Who are Worksforme Pre-employment Programmes?

Worksfome pre-employment programmes are dedicated to unlocking talent through Traineeships and Sector-Based Work Academies (SBWAs).

A Traineeship with Worksforme can help you develop the skills and workplace behaviours you need to find, stay and progress in work. A Traineeship will provide you with:

Training – we will provide you with workshops over four weeks to equip you with the skills and confidence you need to become ready for work. This includes: team working, people skills, customer service, CV writing, interview skills and work awareness

Work Experience – we will match you with an employer who will provide you with up to six-weeks work experience to develop your skills, gain practical and current work experience to your CV and meet new people

Job Interview – at the end of your work experience, you will have an interview with the business which will give you the chance to get a job with the company or obtain good advice about your next step in the world of work

Support – you will receive ongoing support after your placement to help you make the most of your Traineeship and so that you can continue learning and find work

A Traineeship is for you if you are:
Actively looking for the right opportunity to start your career
Wanting to improve your skills and find work
Aged between 16 to 24 years old
Unemployed with qualifications below the equivalent of two A levels
Looking for employment but with little or no work experience

Sector-Based Work Academies (SBWAs)
A Worksforme SBWA will help you gain relevant skills and work experience to secure employment. A SBWA will give you:

Training – you will have three-weeks classroom training focused on the needs of the relevant employer

Work Experience – we will match you with an employer where you will have a work experience placement and we will give you coaching and further learning support

Job Interview – at the end of the work experience you will have a guaranteed job interview from which we will give you feedback

Support – after your placement, you will have access to further online training for another six months

A Sector-Based Work Academy is for you if you are:
Aged 19 years and over
Unemployed and claiming benefits
Looking for employment
Actively looking for the right opportunity

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